E21: Artists #13, Featuring Lou DeCicco of Caboose

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In this episode of the Voices from the Dark Artists series, I sit down with the amazing Lou DeCicco from the blues band Caboose. We come at you live on radiobandalarga.it via RBL Berlin in Neukoelln bar and art space LaBettolab. I met Lou on the Berlin U-Bahn, where I heard him beautifully singing, and playing slide guitar. The music compelled me to invite him on the show. Luckily he agreed! We talk about his origins as a musician; why his music is not just blues, but something more specific; and what motivates him as an artist. We also talk about his upcoming international tour that will take him across the Atlantic to Memphis, Tennessee; New Orleans, Louisiana, and back here in Europe. On the breaks we listen to some of his tracks, which are not to be missed! Check out what he and his bandmates are up to on louisdecicco.com and caboosemusic.com.

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Originally aired live on RBL Berlin, Sunday, October 14th at LaBettolab in Neukoelln, Berlin.