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E39: Chasing Butterflies, Evgeni’s Meditation Trip Part Two

Evgeni in Hopfen Reich, Kreuzkoelln Evgeni is back. You all know him from Voices from the Dark’s Mistaken Ideas, the podcast about logical fallacies. Here’s something a bit different. In this episode, Specials #3, we break off from the usual format, and Evgeni gives us a glimpse into his recent silent meditation retreat. He’s done…

E28: Voices from the Dark Specials #2, Featuring Sgambetto

In this episode I have the extreme pleasure to converse with the enigmatic host of the Sgambetto radio show, Emanuele (Emanuello, Manuelo etc.), who also happens to be the proprietor of the local Neukoelln bar, LaBettolab. Special thanks as usual to RBL Berlin. This is the last episode of the Voices from the Dark–RBL Berlin 2018 collaboration….

E26: Voices from the Dark Specials #1, A Retrospective

In this episode we present clips from the first five episodes of Voices from the Dark, all of which happen to be part of the Artists series, featuring interviews with Domink Watin, Grace Nicholas, Lalo Gomes, Alma, and Leanne Rivers. It’s a sort of retrospective episode intended to give listeners an idea of how things…